SAFER+SANER offers a range of services targeting individuals interested and engaged in leathersex activities.


SAFER+SANER provides safer sex outreach targeting the leather and kink communities. Our materials address specific leathersex activities, and our packets (which include 2 condoms, 2 packets of lube, and one nitrite glove) are designed with the Leatherman in mind. If you are interested in the
+SANER team providing outreach at your event, please contact us at info@safersaner.org.


SAFER+SANER’s team of trained presenters facilitates a range of educational activities and forums. We have several curriculum–based offerings that can be delivered in their current format, or tailored to your specific needs. Most of our educational activities target individuals who are curious and/or new to leathersex. S+S also provides offerings that explore safer sex issues, and how leathersex is a healthy safer sex alternative. If you are interested in SAFER+SANER facilitating a workshop or forum, please contact us at info@safersaner.org.


(Fuckin’ Unadulterated Nasty Kink!)

A Brutha’s Guide to SAFER + SANER Leathersex

FUNK! is a 28 page full color introductory leathersex safety guide that provides helpful tips and resources on a range of activities including fisting, watersports, and nipple play. FUNK! also provides information on HIV, substance use, and dating safety. Lastly, FUNK! features some of the HOTTEST FUNKIN’ LEATHERBRUTHAS you have ever seen! If you are interested in ordering a bulk of FUNK!, contact us at info@safersaner.org.


SAFER+SANER is totally “for us, by us” from top to bottom. In other words, everything we do is completely funded by our community…that’s how we keep it hot and hardcore! No government grants…no foundation funding…and the only way we can keep it going is with your support. To find out how to donate, e-mail us

You can also support SAFER+SANER by shopping with our affiliates throughout the site. Every purchase you make here supports SAFER+SANER in servicing our community. So, every dollar you spend comes right back to you!!!


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