Becoming a member of the SAFER+SANER team provides an opportunity to meet new people, get invited to some of the hottest leather events, and help build a stronger community! There are a lot of ways to help out…from helping stuff safer sex packets to doing outreach with us at a local bar. For more info on volunteering, please contact us at


SAFER+SANER is totally “for us, by us” from top to bottom. In other words, everything we do is completely funded by our community…that’s how we keep it hot and hardcore! No government grants…no foundation funding…and the only way we can keep it going is with your support. To find out how to donate, e-mail us

You can also support SAFER+SANER by shopping with our affiliates throughout the site. Every purchase you make here supports SAFER+SANER in servicing our community. So, every dollar you spend comes right back to you!!!


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