BK has been involved with leather for over 17 years, and is active in the community in a variety of ways…but most people probably know him as Blackkat, American Leatherman 2005. Instead of taking up a lot of space here, he says you should check him out at

“What I’m into…hmmm... why don’t you check out FUNK! and take a guess!!!”


boikobi is a native new yorker who has been involved in the leather community for over 15 years and has helped to initiate several organizations, including Brothers In Leather, Jacks of Color, and New York Panthers Leather Club. he is the property of his life Partner, Master Dero, and is currently a member of The Hellfire Club, GMSMA, Sigma, and FFA.

“i enjoy the arts of bondage and fisting, but my fetish is boots. Wearing, cleaning, shining, licking, it's all about the boots. Boots push that sexy, manly edge. A man in a good pair of boots is hot!”

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Rico is the Board Chair for Gay Male S/M Activists, and stays involved with activities designed to help educate guys interested in S/M. But, it’s not all serious work for Rico. On his downtime, you may spot him on the beach showin’ off his newest ink, or chillin’ on a roofdeck with a stogie.

“Grunt, growl and be well!”





Late 30’s
Christophe is very active in NYC’s leather scene. When he’s not fitting folks in the latest gear at The Leatherman NYC, he’s recruiting participants for NYU’s HIV Vaccine Study. And, he still found time to represent our local leather bar as Mr. Eagle NYC 2006. For more on Christophe, visit

“I have too many kinks, but here are some: leather (especially biker gear, rubber, ws, fisting, jock straps and undergear, hoods, gas masks, role play, collars/leashes, vacuum pumping, slings, and BDSM.”

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Cisco is known to many in the leather world, and holds the title of Northeast Leather SIR 2006. He says he’ll let you know more after you see him in FUNK!

“I’m into nipple play, ass play, fucking, and fisting.”

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Ed & Thomas Edward
Edward is an international make-up professional who is believes beauty on the outside starts with beauty on the inside.

“I have always been interested in the leather community. I am not into pain, but I like the adventure that leather can take you into, if you have the right person to take you there. I am still very much the vanilla guy with the kink side to him!!!”

thomas thought it was a huge compliment to be asked to be a part of SAFER+SANER, and got involved because he strongly believes that men of color need to see each other in as many spaces in the community as possible…including leather, bondage, safer play, and kink. He wants his involvement to help keep black men in the open rather than in the margins of the community.

“Some of my personal interests include foot play, masculine odors, verbal sex, role play, kink, ws, fisting, exhibitionism, leather, and bondage…but watersports would have to rank near the top of my fetish list right now; just under having a man on his knees begging for my…humm...attention.”

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Independent Graphic & Web Designer
Marc is very active in the leather community as the Corresponding Secretary of the Philadelphians MC and a member of GMSMA. When not busy designing materials for SAFER+SANER, he enjoys spending time with his boy at home in the City of Brotherly Love.

“I love uniforms, rope bondage, boots, and every bit of kink and fetish covered in FUNK!

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35 (He thinks!)
Musician / Producer / Remixer / DJ (In that order!)
If you don’t know who he is, go to and find out! I ‘m sure you been shakin’ ya ass to his remixes, so put a face with the beats!!!

“I’m what you might call the calm before the storm. I may appear reserved but I love leather, role playing and dominating guys who are bigger than me…just for fun! Love hairy guys (and any guy for that matter) as long as they love to play and play hard!”

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Pitbull is a leather boi with three Daddies, one of whom is also his partner. He has done a lot of fetish-oriented print work, and is currently exploring film opportunities.

“I'm into most things freaky and hot…and waiting to take a fist for the first time!”

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Talib invites you to stop by feel his vibe.

“I am new and still exploring the leather scene, and respect the diversity and honesty of the community. I am honored to be a part of SAFER+SANER because it’s a unique and exciting opportunity to promote safer sex best practices, sexual health resources, and offers resources for those new to the scene, especially for men of color where ignorance is destroying us. As men of color, it’s critical that we promote the importance of our sexual health, sexual education, and access to treatment among our friends, lovers, and within our community.”

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